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if you would let me start all over again

i'd show you what it felt like to really be loved.

miss kiki.baby.marie
8 September
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You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you. That's where I'll be waiting.

I'm just like every other girl, but with a wicked twist. I have no need to explain my insanities. Only the music and words can express who I really am. I dare you. Define me.

LIKES:// music that reaches, movies that make you think, the beautiful people, le disko, the 70s, libraries, labels, nail polish, marking off the days on a calendar, staying up late with my roommate, your mom, sarcastic and humorous quotes, peter pan, alice in wonderland, sing-a-long songs, playing dress-up, pretending to be somebody I'm not, hello kitty, magazine clippings, candles, ciggies, books, harajuku, boy short under roos, soda pop, abercrombie && fitch, not acting my age, writing, costume jewelry, sushi, pho, pocky, skulls with hearts, stars, horseshoes, lucky charms, keys

DISLIKES:// people who question, people who hate, pretenders, repeats, lamp shades, the games we play, your great aunt, people who bug, annoying things, most children, being asked if everythings okay, anorexia rumors, depression, being told what to do, being held back, bugs, porcelian dolls, spiders, fishing, long drives, silence, waking up in the morning, messy people, disappointment

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